Sponsoring Young People With CDA Slammers FC

Elaine Ross presenting the sponsorship check for 2 children to play with CDA Slammers FC

Bill and Elaine Ross, on behalf of the William Ross Family Foundation,  just provided a grant to CDA  Slammers FC for 2 children to continue in this great program. It costs about $3,200 to stay in the program which can become a hardship on families, especially right now.

The program provides great opportunities for the children who take part including the possibility of being seen by college coaches in the tournaments they play. Their coaching philosophy is based on careful study and years of experience. Their guiding values are:

  • Dedication to the Craft.
  • Decision Making and Personal Responsibility. 
  • Dedication & Self-Confidence.
  • Tactical Performance.
  • Technical Performance.
  • Team Chemistry.

In the picture you can see Elaine with the boys and Katrina Elder who is a member of the William Ross Family Foundation and the boys’ coach Jessie. This meeting was organised by Peri Sorensen. If you are interested in finding out more about CDA Slammers, click here: cdaslammers.com

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